Offshore Companies

Register or buy an existing company in any jurisdiction

Seychelles Offshore - from 299 EUR

Register or purchase an existing company

Register a company in Seychelles

The classic offshore zone attracts investors with a dynamically developing infrastructure, lack of restrictions on doing business and high confidentiality.

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South Africa Company - 399 EUR

Buy or register a new enterprise

Register a company (PTY)

We advise to pay close attention to such jurisdiction as South Africa. Jurisdiction can offer a whole range of opportunities for foreign investment and non-resident business.

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Offshore in Belize from 499 EUR

Register or buy an existing company

Register a company in Belize

Belize since 1981 is a member of the UN, and ten years later became a member of the Organization of American States, along with the United States, Brazil and Argentina.

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Company in UAE from 1059 EUR

An offshore company registration in Ajman / RAKICC

Register or buy a new company

The UAE has several “free zones” and several offshore zones, including such offshore zones as the Adjman offshore zone and the RAKICC offshore zone.

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Offshore in BVI from 919 EUR

British Virgin islands - buy or register a company

Register a company in BVI

The British Virgin Islands is a leader among other offshore jurisdictions in the field of international tax planning.

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Offshore in Panama from 639 EUR

We will help you register or buy an existing company

Register a company in Panama

Panama is a dynamic country with a stable economic and political system. Panama offers a truly favorable business environment.

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Company in Canada from 1649 EUR

We will help you buy an existing company as well

Register a company in Canada

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world, a member of such international organizations as G7, WTO, IMF, OECD, FATF, NAFTA, the British Commonwealth and others.

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Offshore in the Marshall Islands - from 869 EUR

We will help you buy or register a new company

Company in Marshall islands

Registration and operation of companies of the IBC form is governed by the Business Corporations Act. If there is no activity in the Islands, companies are tax exempt.

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