AFORTIS Group offers professional assistance with registration of business in Turkey.

Registration of a company in Turkey is a reliable way to invest in your future. A significant advantage of this procedure is that neither the founder nor the CEO of the company needs to have a residence permit in Turkey. To minimize the risks when executing the documents, one of the directors should be a citizen or resident of Turkey. The registration procedure takes a relative short
time, but requires a thorough preparation. AFORTIS Group lawyers are at your service to provide overall assistance with the registration of a limited company in Turkey.

A mandatory requirement for a limited company is to keep accounting records and provide monthly tax returns.

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  • corporate tax 22%
  • VAT 18%
Who can set up a company in Turkey?

  • a legal entity
  • an individual,
  • an offshore company.

If you choose AFORTIS Group, you can count on fast results and mitigation of possible risks.

There are two ways to register a company in Turkey and submit an application for a tax ID number:

  • For a non-resident CEO. There is a risk that company registration will be denied. In this case, you should get a resident director. After a tax ID is issued and a bank account is opened, you change the director to a non-resident (when a need arises).
  • A resident director. This option entails the payment of a minimum wage to the nominee director and payment of all taxes (social security, compulsory health insurance).


  • legal address,
  • physical office in Turkey (a virtual office is also an option).

The registration procedure takes an average of 5 business days.Remote registration is possible without the need for the applicant to personally visit the office. When registering a company in Turkey remotely, an apostilled, notary-certified power of attorney issued to a citizen of Turkey is required.

After the company is registered, an application for a tax ID number must be submitted within two weeks.

To accelerate the registration process, to avoid delays and minimize risks, we recommend that you prepare in advance:

  • a detailed description of the company’s activities (our experts will help to prepare the text),
  • a passport size photo (in electronic format),
  • full name of the father and mother of the applicant (to get the TIN),
  • an email must be registered for an individual and the company itself.