Permanent residence permit (PRP) in Latvia – applying, securing and extending a PRP

A PRP in Latvia requires state language proficiency at A2 level. Eligible certificates are issued by the State Centre for Educational Content of the Republic of Latvia (VISC).
Permanent residence in Latvia is considered uninterrupted if, within the specified period, no less than 6 (six) months in a row have been spent inside the country, but not exceeding 1 (one) year.
In order to receive a PRP in Latvia, a foreign national must present:

  • a travel document valid in the Republic of Latvia
  • a freeform application indicating the reason for soliciting a permanent residence permit
  • a document indicating access to the minimum cost of living
  • registration of place of residence
  • a receipt confirming payment of the state duty

The decision to issue (deny) a permanent residence permit is made by the Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs.

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Extending a permanent residence permit in Latvia

A PRP in Latvia requires extension once every 5 years.
In order to extend a permanent residence permit, one must provide:

  • a foreign passport valid in Latvia, and
  • a document confirming payment of the state duty.

Reasons for annulment/denial of a permanent residence permit in Latvia:

  • Deliberate provision of misleading or false data or documents
  • Conviction of a severe or particularly severe crime within the territory of Latvia
  • Absence from the Republic of Latvia for a contiguous period of at least 12 months
  • Moving to a permanent residence in another country
  • Receipt of permanent EU resident status in Latvia
  • Failure to comply with the timing for extending one’s residence permit (no more than 6 months following the expiration of the validity period stated in one’s ID card)
  • Failure to provide documents for the extension of a permanent residence permit within the time specified