Greece Residence Permit for Self-Employed Professionals

Digital Nomad Program

A Greece residence permit under Digital Nomad program allows a person to permanently live in the country and travel around the EU. A Digital Nomad Visa is issued for a longer period than a Type D tourist visa.

Afortis Group offers assistance with the following:

  • opening a bank account,
  • getting a Greek Bank card,
  • mobile banking setting,
  • getting a Greek tax ID to conduct purchase and sale transactions in the EU,
  • registering a property lease agreement in Athens (or any other city) for 1 year. The lease agreement is required to open a bank account from which monthly payments will be performed.
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The advantages of Digital Nomad residence in Greek for self-employed professionals

  • permanent residence permit in Greece or any other EU state
  • right to official employment in Greece or any other EU state
  • right to free healthcare provided by state-run care programs
  • right to education
  • right to open accounts in Greek banks
  • revenue generated in Greece is not subject to local taxes
  • an option to apply for and get a ten-year visa to the US, the UK, Canada, etc.
  • right to family reunification

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Nomad status in Greece

Additional financial benefits:

  • opportunity to invest in projects in Greece,
  • eligibility to become a co-founder of a Greek company,

Requirements for Digital Nomad Visa holders in Greece:

  • not to be employed to work for a Greece-based employer
  • every 2 years provide your fingerprints to the migration service in Athens,
  • confirm the number of days spent in the EU* every 2 years.
  • have a confirmed income in the country of citizenship for the last 3 months in the amount of not less than 3,500 euros.
  • receive an income of 3,500 euros on your Greek bank account during the validity period of your Digital Nomad residence permit.

*at least 180 days per year, except for the cases where real property is owned or investments are made in projects in Greece. In this case the minimal requirement for the length of stay in the country is 180 days over a period of two years.

The list of documents that self-employment individuals must submit to obtain a Digital Nomad visa:

  • filled out state forms/questionnaires,
  • valid foreign passport,
  • proof of employment (employment contract, certificate of employment) or proof that you have your own business,
  • open-ended employment contract with a mandatory indication of the possibility of remote work,
  • employment contract must specify the applicant’s position. To minimize risks, the position shall provide the opportunity to work remotely,
  • certificate of salary, confirming pay of 3,500 euros to the applicant. If a family visa is requested, it is necessary to add to the above amount 20% for the spouse and 15% for one child,
  • bank account statement summarizing your account activity over the last 6 months,
  • medical certificate for a period of at least 1 year for the applicant and each member of the family,
  • marriage certificate*,
  • birth certificate for a child*

* the documents must be apostilled (notary certified copies or originals). There is no need to have the documents translated into English or Greek.

For those who plan to reside in another EU country under the Greek Digital Nomad program, AFORTIS specialists recommend that you should always enter the EU via Greece.

Obtaining the Greece Digital Nomad visa can be broken down into several stages:

  • approval of the final list of documents,
  • submission of the documents (personal presence is required, except for children),
  • providing the fingerprints,
  • getting a Blue Card (all family members must attend in person),
  • getting an EU ID (can take up to 3 months).

The first entry into Greece is on a Schengen visa
The Digital Nomad residence permit in Greece is valid for 2+2 years with the option to automatically extend it. After 4 years, the complete set of documents must be submitted again.