Residence Permit in Latvia

In addition to the services of opening and maintaining business, AFORTIS Group provides legal support in the obtainment of a residence permit in Latvia. A residence permit is a document allowing a foreign citizen to stay in the territory of the Republic of Latvia for a certain period (temporary residence permit) or permanently (permanent residence permit). Also, a residence permit in Latvia allows visa-free entry and exit of foreign citizens to any of the countries of the Schengen area. Persons with residence permits in Latvia have the right to study in Latvia, to work, to use medical services, and to issue invitations for visas to their relatives. With a residence permit in Latvia, you and your family will be able to use several other advantages, including a facilitated procedure for obtaining a visa to the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries.

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Advantages of a residence permit in Latvia

  • Free travel throughout the Schengen Area
  • Right to reside in Latvia without time limitations
  • Social welfare benefits
  • Access to a decent education in Latvia or another EU member-state on favourable terms
  • Eligibility for a permanent RP in Latvia following 5 years of residence
  • Eligibility for citizenship in Latvia following 10 years of residence
  • Other benefits

Ways of obtaining a residence permit in Latvia

Buying a Property

Real estate owner in Latvia – purchase of a flat or a house


Residence permit for investors in the equity of a property. Investments in the capital of a joint-stock company or limited liability company

Board Member

Member of the board or CEO of a company (SIA/AS) in the Republic of Latvia

Category D visa

Long-term residence permit with the right to employment in Latvia

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Creation and development of an innovative product


Marriage to a resident/citizen/non-citizen of Latvia

Frequently asked questions about the residence permit in Latvia:

Anyone planning to spend over 90 days in the Republic of Latvia within the space of half a year (counting from the date of entering the country) requires a residence permit.

Please note that all of the aforementioned documents must be duly formatted and valid as of the date of submission (official documents have limited periods of validity). Where applicable, notarised (apostilled) copies of the following documents might be required.

  • valid identification document (foreign passport)
  • a questionnaire filled out by the applicant
  • 1 (one) 35 х 45 mm photo on a light background, valid for 6 months
  • immigration service summons in order to obtain a residence permit, valid for 6 months following issue
  • certificate confirming lack of convictions for the relevant individual, valid for 6 months following issue
  • reference confirming availability of the minimum necessary income (cost of living), valid for 6 months following issue
  • letter of guarantee confirming intended place of residence, valid for 3 months following issue
  • certificates of civil status, court decisions, archive transcripts
  • references, certificates, diplomas (confirming education or professional training), without validity limitations
  • medical reference and attached X-ray and fluorography examination results, each valid for 12 months following issue
  • medical insurance policy issued to the relevant foreign national

This document should validate the financial standing of the residence permit applicant and their family members. Documents confirming availability of the minimum necessary income are:

  • employment agreement (concluded with a company in Latvia)
  • employer’s reference (issued by a company in Latvia)
  • letter of sponsorship
  • recent bank account statement
  • traveller’s cheques

The requisite cost of living will vary depending on the reason for soliciting a residence permit. You may check this information by contacting us, the Office for Citizenship and Migration Affairs in Latvia, or a consulate department of Latvia in your country.

Declaration of place of residence may be based on a lease agreement, signed reference from the owner of the property, indicating provision to the foreign national of the right to reside on their property:

  • Residential premises lease agreement (Īres līgums).
  • Arrangement for use without remuneration (Patapinājuma līgums).
  • Letter of guarantee from the owner of the property (Garantijas vēstule).

All documents must be formatted and presented in the state language (Latvian). Dual-language variants are acceptable, as are officially certified translations into the Latvian language.

The procedure for securing a residence permit requires the presentation of a reference confirming lack of criminal convictions. The procedure and timing for obtaining this document will depend on the country of residence of the individual concerned. Please note that any such document must be translated into the official language and apostilled.
The questionnaire may be filled out in digital or paper format, in English, Latvian, German, Russian or French. Please attach a current 35 х 45 mm photo on a white background.